PMG-I 3ph Boost

PMG-I 3ph Boost

from 20 to 40 kVA

Permanent Magnet Generators


  • Three-Phase
  • Alternate Current

PMG-I 3ph Boost

This variable speed system consists of a PMG (Permanent Magnet Generator), a three-phase inverter (with AC output and EMC filter) and a linear actuator to regulate the engine revolutions. Adaptable to the engine models and interfacing with the control units by all the main brands, PMG-I represents a highly customizable solution for a compact and efficient AC generating set. Plus the advantage of having NSM as your sole partner for a complete and fully integrated ready-to-use system.

The advanced version PMG-I 3ph Boost, featuring an integrated battery charger, can be connected to a supercapacitor bank for an extended speed range and the capability of working with very high starting currents.

PMG caratteristiche generatori a magneti permanenti

Key features

• The PMG has a Vac 3-phase output.

• Inverter range includes: 20kVA, 30kVA and 40kVA three-phase AC output (400Vac 50Hz 3ph+N).

• Available: 240Vac ÷ 480Vac, 50Hz ÷ 60Hz.

• Electronic components developed by NSM.

• Easily parallelable to obtain the total power required.

•  AC-DC active rectifier (The voltage drop across this rectifier is much lower, meaning a reduction in power loss and a gain in efficiency. It reduces the amount of power dissipated and allows to obtain an optimized and constant voltage).

• Complete system high efficiency.

• CAN-bus, RS485 or RS232 communication line.

• Instant energy reserve: PMG-I is connectable to a supercapacitors stack or pure lead batteries for immediate support energy during the engine transient state, in the aim of supplying the load until the engine runs at the needed speed. Supercap stack for peak shaving.

• Energy buffer management

• Extended rpm range (1:3 ratio - 1000÷3000rpm)

• High starting current: necessary for heavy inductive loads such as pumps and electric motors in general.

• Supercapacitor life boasts countless switching on and reloading cycles.

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