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We design new routes
for your energy

A 60-year long expertise

At NSM, we are dedicated to manufacturing synchronous alternators and welders, PTO generators, and Permanent Magnet Generators (PMG).
We have solid roots thanks to almost 60 years of experience in producing and exporting our high-quality machines to more than 60 countries across the world.
Since joining the Amer Group in 2006, we have embarked on a path increasingly oriented towards the world of design and engineering.
Consistently with our role as key industry players, we never stop researching and developing innovative solutions for whatever the future of energy generation entails.

Nsm srl

100% Made in Italy, with an eye on the world

The real value of being Made in Italy: a mark of origin that we can proudly bear as we are one of the very few companies boasting all the production cycles, from design to manufacturing, in our Italy-based factories.
Our strategy? Not to relocate, in full contrast to the global market trend.
A 100% Italian entrepreneurial story, capable of conquering international markets and anticipating industry trends.

Microturbine eoliche idroelettriche

Innovative, green, integrated solutions

Global dynamics are revolutionizing the energy world and we are heavily investing to be protagonists of these changes.
We are increasingly growing in offering innovative solutions with greater energy efficiency and lower ecological impact, with the goal of responding to new criteria and regulations.
We were the first to offer fully integrated systems, calibrated for the specific solution and able to guarantee high performance standards.
Thanks to their efficiency and reliability, our products are truly competitive, not only in terms of economic advantage.

nsm srl

Open to challenges, close to the customer

We like to build deep relationships with our customers.
We work to always go the extra mile, improving our offer and evaluating possible customizations not only for the products, but also for packaging and inventory management methods.
We believe that working closely with our customers is the most effective way to understand their needs, quickly identify the right solution and help them enrich their value chain.

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