Generators for lighting towers


Generators for lighting towers

The range of NSM generators is now enriched by various models specifically developed for lighting towers. K112 (2 Poles) and K132 (4 Poles): compact single-phase alternators with AC output and a capacitor especially calibrated for this application. Light and dependable, with a direct SAE coupling designed to facilitate the assembly and limit the dimensions. The perfect choice when an auxiliary 230V power supply is needed. PMG-DC: a new and complete range of fixed speed PMG with DC output thanks to the built-in rectifier bridges. Super compact, brushless and bearingless for easier maintenance. Designed in particular for powering LED lights. It is the ideal solution when space and efficiency become critical. PMG-DCh: a Permanent Magnet Generator + DCh System + Actuator kit which is the perfect choice when the lighting tower has an integrated battery pack. In fact, our DCh System can manage a battery charging cycle thanks to the Controller’s smart battery management. The system can work at variable speed through a linear actuator for engine speed regulation according to the load variations.

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