PTO tractor driven generators


PTO tractor driven generators

In the philosophy of ensuring continuity of energy supply in farms and fields, NSM has developed the Tractorwatt, a signature product successfully manufactured for over two decades.
A Power Take-Off generator supplying the needed energy in any place where there is no access to the grid, thanks to the easy and secure coupling directly to the tractor’s 3-point linkage.
Tractorwatt includes a 3-phase alternator (2 or 4 Poles - compound or AVR), a fully accessorized control panel with differential and thermomagnetic protection, a gear box with safety guard, and a sturdy roll bar frame.
When tower supply becomes critical or in any case of emergency, this quiet and dependable power system turns out to be a safe and versatile instant solution.
Even if expressly designed for farming and agricultural use, it comes in handy whenever an electricity source is needed. Just need a tractor drive and it’s a done deal.

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