Wind and Water microturbines generators


Wind and Water microturbines generators

Wind and Water Powered Microturbines

Transforming the Stream of Wind and Water into Power.
Variable speed technology by NSM finds one of its most successful applications in the micro-wind and hydroelectric industry for renewable source energy generation.
PMG-WG is a high efficiency, low rpm, variable speed generator manufactured with permanent magnets (Nd-Fe-B) for an unquestionable high power density and remarkably compact size.
The rich range of available output powers and mechanical configurations offers a great choice of versatile and easily assembled solutions. Shaped for direct drive applications, PMG-WG needs no gearboxes, nor maintenance, and is suitable for use in all environments.
NSM long-time experience in variable speed, R&D endeavours and accurate testing are the key factors in the achievement of very low cogging generators, so that the turbine starts spinning even with minimum wind and water speed.

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