Telecom DC generators


Telecom DC generators

BTS - Telecom Power Supply

NSM is the first company supplying a complete DC generator that is totally developed and manufactured in-house. Working at variable speed, for high fuel savings, it is integrated and calibrated for the power supply of BTS - telecom towers.
FIRST includes PMG, a complete electronic system with controller and actuator kit to adjust the engine revolutions. Adaptable to all types of batteries and engine models, interfacing with the control units by the main manufacturers, FIRST represents a highly customizable solution like never before. User friendly, turnkey, extremely market oriented, FIRST satisfies the growing OEM demand to reduce the weight and size of the gen-set. Increased efficiency and optimized performance in order to drastically reduce fuel consumption, noise and emissions.
The refuelling interval is significantly increased as well. Not only is the extremely high efficiency an advantage for fuel consumption, but it also definitely extends both the battery and engine’s life.

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